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Queen’s former chaplain warns ‘multicultural, multifaith’ King Charles III threatens British monarchy

by Mahmmod Shar

‘You’re either a defender of the faith or you’re not,’ said Gavin Ashenden

By Jon Brown

King Charles III’s multifaith multiculturalism, according to the former chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II, poses a threat to his own home and could end the British monarchy.

Gavin Ashenden, who served as the queen’s chaplain from 2008 to 2017, said on Sunday: “I think that if this slow movement into multiculturalism and multifaith goes on, we’ll lose the monarchy because in the end, I don’t think it will be true to itself.”

Ashenden responded to the king’s first Royal Christmas Message following the passing of his mother in September by making his remarks.

The issue is that it resembles watching a beautiful ship with a hull below the waterline gradually sink; eventually, you want to stop it from sinking and ensure that it floats, Ashenden said. And if the monarchy adopts a multicultural, multireligious structure, I don’t believe it can survive.

Acknowledging King Charles III did “fantastically well” with his first Christmas address, Ashenden said that British subjects have nevertheless been witnessing “a very slow, gradual shift from being a Christian monarchy to a multifaith one.”

“The problem is that you’re either defender of the faith or you’re not,” he said, referencing the oath the British monarch takes to defend the Protestant religion.

The British monarch, among other duties, serves as the supreme governor of the Church of England.

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“There’s so much about Christianity that is just directly responsible for our way of life in our culture,” said Ashenden, who went on to warn that Christians in the U.K. are increasingly marginalized.

Ashenden, who quit his chaplaincy position in 2017 after condemning recitations of the Koran during an Epiphany service at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow, noted how Christianity is increasingly being pushed out of the public square because of its exclusive claims amid a “serious competition for power.”

“So, the problem that we’re having at the moment is that Christianity is under assault,” Ashenden said. “Now the question is, what does a Christian king do about that? Does a Christian king save Christianity? Does he become defender of the faith, which is what his title really is? Or, as Charles has done with a sleight-of-hand, say, ‘No, I’m … defender of all faiths, which means I don’t have to defend Christianity.'”

During his Royal Christmas Message, King Charles touched upon his very important trip to Bethlehem in 2020.
During his Royal Christmas Message, King Charles touched upon his very important trip to Bethlehem in 2020. (YouTube/The Royal Family)

“If you don’t defend Christianity today, we’ll lose it from this country,” Ashenden added, noting the recent case of a Christian woman who was recently arrested for praying silently outside an abortion clinic in Birmingham.

“The problem we face is a serious conflict of values, and there can’t be a solution by just saying, ‘Do you know what? All the values are the same, let’s pretend everything is nice,'” the former chaplain said. “I don’t think nice will cut it.”

King Charles III
King Charles III (Jonathan Brady/Pool Photo via AP/File)

Ashenden, who ultimately left the Church of England and became a Roman Catholic, also penned an op-ed in the Catholic Herald warning that Christianity in the U.K. “is buckling under the relentless daily assault that an increasingly hostile secularism is directing towards it.”

If King Charles III refuses to stand up for the historic faith of his nation, Ashenden predicted in his article that he will have “sown the seeds of destruction of the House of Windsor.”

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