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Protester dumps box of mice painted in Palestinian flag colors into McDonald’s restaurant

by Mahmmod Shar

The Palestinian activist yelled ‘free f—ing Palestine’ and ‘f— Israel’ as he dumped the rodents

By Kendall Tietz

A pro-Palestinian activist dumped a box of mice painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag in a United Kingdom McDonald’s while yelling “free f—ing Palestine” and “f— Israel” Monday.

Diners at the Birmingham, England McDonald’s screamed when the rodents were unleashed into the busy fast food restaurant, according to footage shared on social media.

In a viral TikTok shared across social media platforms, a man wearing a Palestine flag on his head is seen removing a box of spray-painted mice from a car with the license plate “PAIISTN” before dumping the critters onto the floor in front of unsuspecting customers.

West Midlands Police, the precinct of the McDonald’s, posted on X that it was investigating the incident where “live rodents were thrown into a restaurant off Watson Road, Nechells, at around 5.30pm yesterday.” 

“We understand the distress this will have caused and it’s not acceptable in any circumstances,” the post said. The incident is being treated as a “public nuisance offense.”

McDonald’s confirmed to Daily Mail that a “number of mice” were released into a Birmingham McDonald’s but clarified the location was “fully sanitized” and reopened following the removal of the rodents.

At the end of the video, a message reads: “Targeted boycott. The Big Three. Start by boycotting these brands that are directly involved in supporting the Israeli apartheid,” along with photos of the McDonald’s, Disney and Starbucks logos. 

Outrage among pro-Palestinian camps has led to calls to boycott McDonald’s after an Israeli franchise donated 100,000 meals and offered food for Israeli Defense Force soldiers at a 50% discount following the October 7th terrorist attack on the country.

People protest for and against Palestine in Times Square on Friday, Oct. 13, 2023 in Manhattan, New York  (Barry Williams for NY Daily News via Getty Images)
Pro-Palestinian protesters have called for the boycott of companies like McDonald’s, Disney and Starbucks. ((Photo by Paul Zinken/picture alliance via Getty Images))
Police said they were investigating the incident as a “public nuisance offense.” (Fox News Digital/Hannah Lambert)

Earlier this month, Starbucks sued the worker’s union, Starbucks Workers United, for the improper use of the company’s intellectual property after it posted a “Solidarity with Palestine!” post. 

The Walt Disney Co. announced on Oct. 12 it was pledging $1 million to an affiliate of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to provide emergency medical and blood banking services in Israel. The company said it would donate another $1 million to other nonprofits working in the region.

Last week a pro-Palestinian protest was held outside a McDonald’s in Bristol, England where protesters yelled “boycott McDonald’s” and “you’re killing innocent people,” the UK Express reported.

McDonald’s UK did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. 

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