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Plane in Brazil skids off runway in latest aviation mishap as passengers heard screaming

by Mahmmod Shar

No injuries to the 172 passengers and seven crew members reported

By Caitlin McFall

A plane skidded off a runway in Brazil after landing in wet conditions this week in a precarious incident that was caught on camera. 

The cloudy and damp conditions were obvious in the footage as LATAM Airlines Flight LA3300 arrived Wednesday around 9:20 a.m. at the Florianopolis-Hercilio Luz International Airport after departing from the Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Airport, reported Viral Press. 

The Airbus 321 could be seen in the video recording pitching sideways and skidding to the left of the runway toward a grassy area as its reverse thrusters reportedly were activated.

Passengers on board could apparently be heard screaming in alarm as the right side of the plane crashed through part of the hard shoulder on the runway, trapping one of the landing wheels in the pavement. 

The material used along the runway’s shoulders is reportedly softer than the runway strip. 

The plane was able to halt its course after the front wheel crossed over onto the grassy areas lining the runway.

Emergency services were called and responded to the incident. 

Brazil airport runway
A plane at Brazil’s Florianopolis-Hercilio Luz International Airport broke through the hard shoulder after it skidded off the runway. (Viral Press)

Passengers were able to exit the plane by mobile staircases. 

Footage showed the passengers disembarking from the plane in a calm and orderly manner as emergency officials stood by. 

There were no reported injuries despite the alarming landing. 

Brazil airport
Emergency services respond after a plane skidded off a wet runway at Brazil’s Florianopolis-Hercilio Luz International Airport on Wednesday. (Viral Press)

LATAM Airlines Brazil, which is one of Latin America’s leading airlines, reportedly said in a statement, “We reinforce that all 172 passengers and 7 crew members of flight LA3300 were disembarked safely and released after the evaluation of the medical team.”

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