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Muslim parents angry with Trudeau over dismissing their LGBTQ curriculum protest: ‘Lying or… misinformed’

by Mahmmod Shar

Trudeau should be more tolerant to different religious beliefs, Muslim parent says

By Teny Sahakian

Muslim parents say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is either “lying or he is misinformed” after he blamed the “American right-wing” for Canadian Muslims’ opposition to gender ideology and LGBTQ curriculum in K-12 education. 

“It’s shocking that Trudeau would use the same kind of silly arguments that are being used in the United States,” Kareem Monib, a parent from Montgomery County, Maryland, told Fox News Digital. “I’m surprised that they don’t have anything else to say other than to accuse parents who are truly concerned and want to pass on their religious teachings to their kids — to say that that’s right-wing manipulation.” 

“It’s just sad,” Monib added. “He’s either lying or he’s misinformed. The curriculum is there. Everyone can read it.”

Trudeau spoke with the Muslim community last week at a Calgary mosque, after hundreds of Muslim parents gathered last month to protest against teaching gender ideology in schools, chanting “Leave our kids alone.” 

According to a video from the meeting, one Muslim parent asked Trudeau to “please protect our culture, our belief, the sin that you are doing to them.” 

Trudeau responded, “First of all, there is an awful lot of misinformation and disinformation out there [from] people on social media, particularly fueled by the American right-wing [who] are spreading a lot of untruths about what is actually… in the curriculum.” Trudeau’s remarks appeared to echo liberal media narratives that Muslims were being manipulated by conservatives into their stance, such as MSNBC’s Jen Psaki saying the GOP was “trying to recruit” Muslims into being anti-transgender.


Their prime minister Justin Trudeau was asked a simple question regarding the LGBTQ-pushing agenda in school by one of the Calgarian Muslim leaders. Listen, watch and comprehend His answer: As parents, we are exaggerating what is going on with our kids in school and we are following the right wings extremist fake news from the United States. We Muslims are a hated minority group by the right wing, we must stay silent because he and his government helped us, and that would give him the right to dictate us, and it is an obligation on us to submit and to commit to everything he asked us to do. We are Muslim parents, and he is careless about us or our feelings as of now, he wants our next generation, and he wants to protect the Muslim LGBTQ Muslim kids, sadly he wants to protect our kids from us parents, as he claimed. As Muslims we must live in fear because of the right wings ideology, we must be united against another Canadian group, with all other minority groups regardless of what we believe, as he claims they are right wings and radical white extremists. Their prime minister delivered many soft threats, and he showed his fear of us Canadian groups building bridges with each other because this move will make him lose power and control. Wake up Muslim, this is the answer that was delivered to a Muslim leader. Their prime minister is the same one who got involved in New Brunswick and now he is saying it is provincial matters. The leader granted 75 thousand dollars to every trans person while some veterans are dying on city streets. #leaveourkidsalone #divideandcontrol #divideandconquere

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In his response to the Muslim community, Trudeau said there is not “aggressive teaching or conversion of kids into being LGBT,” claiming that narrative had been “weaponized” by people on the “far right who have consistently stood against Muslim rights.”

Binnish Mustafa, another Montgomery Country parent to a seven-year-old special needs child, said Trudeau “really needs to go to the public school classroom and sit there and see the discussions that follow certain classroom books that are being discussed.”  

Mustafa and Monib attended similar rallies in their own community last month protesting a change to the curriculum that prevented parents from opting their children out of sexual and gender identity lessons based on religious beliefs.

I’m surprised that Trudeau has also not asked himself why this is happening,” Monib said. “Is it because there has been an aggressive overreach to do this?” 

Justin Trudeau gender ideology muslims
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blames ‘American right-wing’ for Muslims’ opposition to gender ideology in K-12 education. (Photo Illustration)  (Getty | Fox News Digital )

“This accusation of right-wing manipulation is actually a way for them to avoid looking at their own role and responsibility in creating this situation,” he added.

The frustration among Muslim parents in Canada reached a boiling point after audio surfaced of an Edmonton Public Schools teacher berating Muslim students for skipping school in order to avoid Pride events. 

“It goes two ways. If you want to be respected for who you are, if you don’t want to suffer prejudice for your religion, your color of skin or whatever, then you better give it back to people who are different from you. That’s how it works,” said the teacher.

In his meeting to appease concerned parents, Trudeau added these “far-right” forces are using Muslims’ strong opinions on LGBTQ issues to stoke fear and “drive a wedge between a government that will always stand up for all your rights.”

I take much offense to what he said,” Mustafa said. “This is something that really affected us here in Montgomery County. When we spoke, we were categorized as the right wing. We were categorized as bigots.”

Mustafa said that in today’s modern society, more value is placed on the freedom to love whomever you choose than the freedom to practice your religion. 

“It’s just really funny, love is love when it’s with man, woman, somebody that’s part of the LGBTQ. But love is not love if it’s with God. There is no love with God,” she said. “So you can accept boundaries when it comes to a relationship, but you can’t accept those boundaries if it’s set by God?”

“I would say, Mr. Trudeau, how accepting and tolerating are you of views that are different than yours? I mean, you don’t seem like the nicest guy when it comes to that,” Mustafa added. 

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