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Joe Rogan expresses nostalgia for Trump era, says country was ‘without a doubt’ better than under Biden

by Mahmmod Shar

Rogan said the state of the world, ‘scares the s–t’ out of him

By Alexander Hall

Podcaster Joe Rogan expressed nostalgia for former President Trump on Tuesday during an episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience.”

“Boy, do f—–g things change,” Rogan said of the era before Trump ran for president in 2016. “He was in all the rap songs, rappers would always talk about Trump, everybody loved Trump. He was like this wheeling, dealing billionaire character that everybody enjoyed.”

“I felt like he did a decent job,” guest retired mixed martial artist Dan Henderson responded, referring to Trump’s time in office.

“As president? When you look at his regulations, it certainly helped the economy,” Rogan said.

Joe Rogan
Rogan speaks with a guest on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” (Spotify)

“I feel like we were in a lot better spot then than now, for sure,” Henderson said.

“Without a doubt,” Rogan agreed, “Well, there’s a lot of s— that happened,” he recalled of the past few years such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Rogan expressed concern about the state of the world amid Biden’s presidency.

“The world scares the s— out of me right now,” he said. “Right now I’m like ‘Boy, this is not good.’ This Ukraine thing is not good, everything is not good,” before going on to say, “There’s no good solutions to the Middle East, all of it looks terrible, and the Ukraine thing looks terrible.”

Rogan specifically noted how he was afraid of a potential nuclear war breaking out and how he was never worried about the possibility previously. 

“All it takes is one person to f—–g launch a nuke and the world changes forever, and I’ve never felt like that was a possibility in my lifetime until now,” Rogan said. “This must have been what it felt like at the beginning of World War 3, or World War 2 rather.”

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