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TikTok captures bizarre moment bikini-clad woman unloads racist rant on Latino family: ‘Low-class slime’

by Mahmmod Shar

The woman was held down on a lounge chair by another man until police arrived

By Nikolas Lanum

A viral TikTok video captured the chaotic moment a woman began screaming racially charged insults at a Latino family enjoying time in the sun at a Lakewood, Colorado, apartment complex pool.

The video, uploaded to the social media app by one of the family members, shows a White woman with blonde hair wearing a cheetah print bikini, clearly agitated by the presence of the family.

“You have a f—king Mexican party in the pool. Trash,” the woman yells.

Moments later, the woman notices she is being filmed and walks over to the camera, attempting to grab and smack the phone away from the young woman recording.

Woman smacks phone at Colorado pool party
After realizing she was being filmed, the woman ran up to girl recording and attempted to smack the phone out of her hand.  (Jade Serie/TikTok Screenshot)

“You can’t do that. You can’t just record me,” the woman says.

The video then cuts to the woman slinking across a pool lounge chair, where she continues screaming at the family members. A man wearing sunglasses hovers over her while speaking on the phone and repeatedly places his hand on her shoulder to stop her from getting up.

“Get the f–k out,” the woman screams as she flails her arms in the air and thrashes around. “Go back down to Denver.”

The woman eventually draws a crowd of several individuals and continues shouting at the people around her, telling them they smell. One person off-camera tells the woman she should leave the pool, to which she replies, “I live here, nowhere you ever came from, you f—king low-class slime.”

Three police officers eventually arrived at the gated pool area, where they spoke with the woman and the man wearing sunglasses.

The Lakewood Police Department confirmed to Fox News Digital that none of the involved persons were arrested or issued a summons. Rob Albrets with the Lakewood Police Department also provide a synopsis of the incident.

“At 1629 hours on 07.02.23, several Lakewood PD agents responded to a reported fight at the pool at Alta Green Mountain, 13101 W Mississippi Ct, Lakewood,” he said. “Multiple people provided witness statements about a disturbance at the pool between a group and an individual making ‘racist remarks’ and ‘derogatory statements’  Ultimately the involved persons declined to pursue criminal charges, so no enforcement action was taken.”

The Alta Green Mountain apartment complex did not return Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

It is unclear who called the police or what circumstances led up to the incident.

Woman thrashes on chair and screams at latino family
The woman thrashes around on the pool lounge chair and tells the people hovering over her that they smell.  (Jade Serie/TikTok Screenshot)

On TikTok, the family member, who goes by Jade Serie, wrote, “According to this Karen all Mexicans are low class. I hope this video is found by her coworkers, family and friends. Acting like this at family BBQ with children is absolutely disgusting.”

“Karen” is a pejorative term seen as targeting privileged White women.

In a follow-up post, Serie said it is “so sad” when people are racially profiled because of their skin color.

“We received so much support from the last video posted. Let’s keep comments appropriate so we can continue to spread awareness. Justice will be served when we receive an apology. (Which we still haven’t),” she added.

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