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Las Vegas brawl involving scantily clad women erupted over a married man: police

by Mahmmod Shar

A 24-year-old mistress was seen pursuing her romantic rival with a stiletto flip-flop in Sin City casino

By Rebecca Rosenberg

Four skimpily dressed women caught on video in a no-holds-barred fight at the ritzy Wynn Las Vegas were battling over a married man, according to a police report obtained by Fox News Digital.

The viral footage showed 24-year-old Danielle Pertusiello in a two-piece dress, with her skirt hiked up around her waist and her thong exposed, as she sparred with a woman on the floor in cut-off jeans and a halter top.

The heavily redacted police report shed some light on the hair-pulling, heel-throwing catfight that unfolded a little before 6 p.m. July 9 next to a poker tournament at the posh casino at one of Sin City’s most upscale hotels.

After the fisticuffs, police interviewed Pertusiello, of New York, who was detained in the casino’s holding cell. 

She told officers that she and her pal, Amanda Collado, 29, were entering the bathrooms on the casino floor after leaving a rooftop pool party when they were both “hit from behind by closed fists in the back of the head,” the report said. 

“Danielle turned and immediately recognized her attack[er],” according to the report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

She told police that she “has been dating/sleeping with a married man,” and a woman, who is presumably his wife, had previously caught him “cheating on her with Danielle.” Her rival’s name is redacted from the report.

The two-timing husband, whose name is also blacked out in the document, was not in town to witness the fracas.

After interviewing Pertusiello, three officers watched the establishment’s security footage, which showed the alleged wife and her friend tap Pertusiello and Collado on the shoulders then “all four females start throwing punches at each other.”

Due to the redactions, it is unclear whether the spurned woman is the brunette in cut-off jeans and a halter top or the blonde in sweatpants.

The cellphone video that exploded on social media began filming mid-fight and showed Pertusiello and the woman in a halter top wrestling on the floor, as a “random citizen” tried to pull them apart.

The blonde raced behind the barefoot combatants as they struggled on the floor and struck Collado in the face. 

A woman in a thong and a woman in blue cut off jeans kick each other.
Two women are shown tussling on the floor of the Wynn Las Vegas casino in a wild caught-on-camera brawl on July 9, 2023. (Splash News)

“G–damn!” a man can be heard exclaiming in the background as several spectators shoot footage on their phones.

A male bystander tried to separate the adversaries and pinned the woman in the halter top and the blonde against a wall, but Pertusiello pursued them, brandishing a pink-heeled flip-flop, with her backside still exposed.

In a second clip posted to Instagram, Pertusiello was seen dragging the blonde in white sweatpants from her motorized scooter as the woman in the halter top viciously yanked on her hair. It is unclear which clip came first.

The melee ended when a security guard tackled Pertusiello to the ground.

A woman in a thong is shown tussling with a woman in cut off shorts on the floor of a casino.
Four women were captured on video in a wild brawl at the five-star Wynn Las Vegas on July 9, 2023. (Splash News )

The officers tried to interview Pertusiello’s opponent but when they went to her room, she had cleared out, according to the report. She also did not answer her phone.

Pertusiello and Collado were issued citations for disorderly conduct and released.

They did not immediately return requests for comment.

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