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Bodycam shows repeated 911 calls before ‘psycho’ neighbor fatally shot Florida mom through door

by Ghassan

A Florida woman who shot a mom of four dead through her locked front door was once branded a “psycho” by a responding deputy after repeatedly calling cops to complain about the victim’s noisy kids.

Newly released body-cam footage shows the numerous instances that Susan Lorincz, 58, had called the police on 25-year-old Ajike Owen over local children playing near her rental apartment in Ocala

Lorincz called police repeatedly before the June shooting.
Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Lorincz faces a manslaughter rap for fatally blasting Owens June after the spiraling feud over the noise. Critics have argued that the crime is deserving of a murder rap, asserting that Owens was unarmed.

“When they come on the side here I just can’t hear my clients,” the insurance broker tells responding deputies after calling 911 in February. “That’s not fair to me.”

Lorincz then accused Owens of throwing a “No Trespassing” sign at her after she yelled at a group of kids to leave the area.

Susan Lorincz faces a manslaughter charge.

The former New Jersey resident claimed that the children were trespassing and causing a ruckus — but deputies later told her the area was not her property.

In another video, an exasperated deputy can be heard privately calling her a “psycho” after another 911 call to her home.

In an August video, Lorincz tells deputies that the children routinely mocked and cursed at her.

Cops said she called 911 roughly a dozen times over the year preceding the shooting.

“I don’t want to be intimidated by them calling me bitch, calling me ‘Karen,” Lorincz can be heard saying.

Ajike Owens was killed in front of her 9-year-old son.
Family Handout

The various clips show Owens telling police that she believes Lorincz is unwell — and makes it a point to remind her neighbors that she is a “doctor” in need of peace and quiet.

“Honestly I think she has a mental disorder,” Owens said of the woman who would gun her down months later.

Other neighbors also told deputies about Lorincz’s confrontational behavior.

“She is literally crazy,” one woman states. “All they do is play football over there. She yells at them and when an adult says something she calls the police.”

At one point, Lorincz tells a deputy that she was appalled by the general behavior of local residents — and that Owens once threatened to put her in a “nursing home.”

“I was in New Jersey,” she said. “Never never like this. Ever. People respected one another. These people are hooligans.”

While deputies said they understood that the noise was potentially irritating, they repeatedly told Lorincz that she did not have legal grounds for a trespassing claim.

“I understand it’s a nuisance,” a deputy tells her. “But I’d rather kids be screaming because they’re out here playing and having a good time than stealing cars and robbing people.”

Lorincz complained that local kids were making too much noise.
Marion County Sheriff’s Office

The feud came to a violent end last month when Owens knocked on Lorincz’s door after she yelled at her children and allegedly threw an iPad at one of them while using racial slurs.

Lorincz fired through the locked door once, striking Owens once in the chest and killing her in front of her 9-year-old son.

Lorincz told police that she thought Owens was going to break down her door and was afraid for her life.

But after an investigation, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods ordered her arrest.

“If she gets any attorneys, I don’t care what that attorney says, I don’t care what that attorney presents to the court, for me and my detectives, this was an unjustified shooting, clear,” he said at the time.

State Attorney William Gladson has opted against a murder charge, arguing in a statement that the killing did not include the “depraved mind” prong of a second-degree murder count.

Owens’ funeral.

“Depraved mind requires evidence of hatred, spite, ill will, or evil intent toward the victim at the time of the killing,” he said. “As deplorable as the defendant’s actions were in this case, there is insufficient evidence to prove this specific and required element of second-degree murder.”

Family attorney Ben Crump ripped the decision not to upgrade the charge last week,

“That’s why people are so outraged, when they think about the fact that a person can shoot somebody through a locked metal door after calling their children racial epithets and not be charged with murder,” he said.

Lorincz faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted on the murder charge.

By Selim Algar

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