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Atlanta man allegedly attempted to smuggle, drugs, phones and chicken wings into jail: reports

by Ghassan

Atlanta man accused of using broken window to get contraband into jail.

(MAINNEWS) – An Atlanta, Georgia, man was arrested for allegedly using a broken window at the Dekalb County Jail to deliver items like narcotics, tobacco, cell phones, chicken wings and more, according to reports.

Michael Anthony Dixon booking photo (DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office)

Fox station WAGA in Atlanta reported that investigators charged Michael Anthony Dixon with crossing a guard line with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent, criminal trespass, possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine with distribution intent.

Dixon, who the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office said was carrying a box cutter, was stopped outside of the facility on Feb. 3 while past the guard line area.

When deputies searched the area, they found a hidden white back in a nearby brush.

Deputies said the bag contained cocaine, packs of cigarettes, lighters, marijuana, ear pods, hex keys, glue gel, sweets, jewelry, charging cords and cooked chicken wings.

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“Our ‘Eyes in the Sky’ operation continues to be effective this year, as we foil attempts by inmates and their co-conspirators on the outside to get illegal and potentially dangerous items inside the jail,” Chief Deputy Randy Akies said, according to WAGA. “The safety of the intended recipients and others in our custody and on our staff is threatened by this practice, and Sheriff Maddox has made it clear that it will not be tolerated. Offenders will be prosecuted within the full extent of the law.”

By Greg Wehner

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