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I was enjoying a flight — until a passenger ruined it with her hair

by Ghassan

By Brooke Kato

(MAINNEWS) – A Norwegian TikToker was startled to see a passenger seated in front of her had draped her hair over the back of her plane seat on a recent excursion.

Julie B. Christensen posted the bizarre blunder in an online clip that has taken off with 6 million views and thousands of shocked responses. “The joy of traveling,” she simply stated in the caption.

Julie Christensen might have had her strangest flight experience yet.

“I wish this was staged,” Christensen wrote on the video, which showed her view of the fellow passenger’s luscious locks touching her tray table during her flight on Aegean Airlines.

The 32-year-old travel blogger told the outlet U105 that she was flying to Amsterdam from Athens to visit family — and she had to endure the mahogany mop the entire flight.

“At first I was really surprised, I thought, ‘Oh, we’re doing this?’” she recalled to the radio station in a story posted this week. “I didn’t see her face at all, and she didn’t acknowledge me. I just looked at the guy next to me, and he laughed.”

Christensen said she considered speaking up, but admitted she was “so tired,” so she “just laughed about it” instead.

“I wasn’t annoyed or anything, because I had so much leg room,” she explained. “It was beautiful, gorgeous hair and looked very nice and clean.”

“I wondered, ‘Why would you throw your beautiful clean hair all over this dirty plane’, but I guess it’s up to her,” she added, encouraging fellow travelers to “keep your hair to yourself.”

In the comments section of her trending TikTok, some users cracked jokes, while others mused about revenge, saying she should have stuck a piece of gum in the woman’s mane or trapped it in the tray.

“Close your table and let her try and move,” advised one user.

The passenger’s hair dangled in front of the TikToker, nearly taking a dip into her drink.

“Hair plane mode activated!” quipped another.

“Good thing you didnt have a scissors,” someone else noted.


The joy of traveling. #omgjustdont #pleasedont #lol #traveletiquette
♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

“Some people have no consideration,” chided another.

“Just ask her politely to move her hair if she doesn’t then revenge,” offered one user.

“I’m too petty to let that slide,” confessed another person.

Christensen isn’t the only traveler to encounter a passenger in need of an altitude adjustment.

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One woman recently revealed a fellow flyer chowed down on a rack of ribs next to her, while someone’s stinky feet hobbled a baffled couple’s honeymoon flight.

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