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How Brightline Is Making It Easier — and Cheaper — to Get Around Florida

by Mahmmod Shar

The rail line just launched a 3-month pass that can be shared among multiple riders.

By Alison Fox

Florida’s Brightline rail company is making it easier to travel around the state by offering a new all-station pass travelers can share with friends and family.

The All-Station Shared Pass, which starts at $1,199, offers access to each of Brightline’s stations — including its newest in Orlando, according to the company. The pass comes with a total of 12 rides over the course of 90 days and travelers can share the pass with others.

The new pass doesn’t include unexpected fees or blackout dates.

“The All-Station Shared Pass is designed for guests who plan to travel frequently between South Florida and Orlando, and want ultimate flexibility to book trips on demand with consistent fare rates and no unexpected fees or blackout dates,” Barbara Drahl, the SVP of marketing and commercial strategy at Brightline, said in a statement. “The pass can be shared to book rides for friends, family, and colleagues, putting guests in control to embark on adventures, business meetings, and cherished family getaways with ease.”

Travelers who purchase the All-Station pass can choose between “Smart” or “Premium” fares, the latter of which includes added perks like a dedicated lounge at the departure station, priority boarding, checked luggage, and complimentary snacks and beverages. All Brightline trains come with complimentary onboard Wi-Fi and multiple power outlets at each seat.

Brightline, which first launched in 2018 with service between West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, has since added service to Aventura and Boca Raton. Earlier this year, the company extended its service to Orlando.

In addition to this new pass, the company offers a SoFlo Solo Pass for 40 rides to South Florida stations starting at just $399 as well as a SoFlo Shared Pass for 12 rides starting at $229.

The new All-Station Shared Pass is the only multiple-use pass the company offers that connects its South Florida stations with Orlando.

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