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We were excited to start our honeymoon — until a fellow flyer ruined it

by Mahmmod Shar

By Brooke Kato

Their honeymoon soured before it even began.

A pair of newlyweds were recently gobsmacked by a fellow passenger’s smelly feet while enjoying their 10-hour “premium” flight to the Maldives.

Hannah Charlotte Mol shared a clip of her airport journey, which has landed over 269,000 views since it was uploaded to TikTok this week.

The couple arrived early to check in, itching to board their long-awaited flight to celebrate tying the knot. Mol oohhed and aahhed over the airline’s amenities, including extensive legroom, orange juice and a free pillow, blanket and vanity case.

But the newlyweds were appalled when they caught a whiff of a woman’s feet across the aisle. Much to their dismay, she had taken her shoes off for ultimate relaxation.

TikToker on plane
The TikToker flaunted her premium economy swag from the airline.
Couple on tiktok
The newlyweds were flying the coop to the Maldives to celebrate their nuptials.

“This lady over here has just taken her shoes off. We’ve not even taken off yet,” Mol, who boasts nearly 2,000 followers on TikTok, lamented in the clip. “And her feet are so smelly. It smells so bad. We’ve got 10 hours.”

Throughout the video, the honeymooners show off the airplane goodies and luxe meals they received sitting in premium economy.

“These are our seats. We’ve got ‘premium economy,’ which we were so excited about. There’s so much legroom!” Mol gushed.

Some commenters, however, sniffed at their choice of seating, asking why they didn’t splurge on first class for their once-in-a-lifetime trip.

“Guess you were hoping for an upgrade at check-in,” snapped one snarky user, to which the blushing bride replied, “Would have been nice, but we bottled it and didn’t ask.”

“Who [sic] don’t you just fly first or downgrade to business if it’s your honeymoon? I never understand why people travel economy,” chided another.

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“‘Premium economy’.. no such thing … but cheapskates! First class for honeymoon!!!” argued someone else.

“Ignore the haters. All that matters is that you two had a wonderful time,” one kind viewer advised.

Drinks on plane
The honeymooners enjoyed an assortment of meals and drinks until their luxe vacation went sour – as the passenger near them had removed her shoes.
Honeymooner TikTok couple
Mol said the other passenger’s feet “smelled” for the 10-hour flight.

Other viewers took the time to celebrate the happy couple.

“Congratulations to you both may you both have a happy life together and make many memories that you can treasure for a life time,” someone applauded.

“Oh man. Smelly feet is a no-no,” another sympathetic user stated the obvious.

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