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Shocking video shows giant whale with rare deformity

by Mahmmod Shar

By Alex Mitchell

He’s got a few kinks to work out.

A gigantic, 56-foot fin whale with severe scoliosis was spotted swimming offshore near the city of Valencia, Spain earlier this month — and scientists were able to capture the rare sight on tape.

The 40-ton fella — whose body was contorted into a V-like shape — wound up caught in a drift net on Mar. 4, and was first sighted by a local boat captain, who quickly radioed maritime authorities, Jam Press reported.

Scientists at Valencia’s Oceanogràfic Foundation described the whale’s condition as “a scoliosis of unknown origin that altered his natural anatomy,” in a Spanish-language Facebook post.

“Professionals warn that it is possible that he could appear in the next few days due to his general condition and difficulty swimming,” a translated version of the post read. An oddly deformed whale was seen off the coast of Spain recently.An oddly deformed whale was seen off the coast of Spain recently.

Because of the whale’s condition, biologists said they were limited in what they could do for the sea creature, which was spotted roughly 50 miles south of Valencia near the town of Cullera.

“Due to the magnitude of the whale, being in the open sea and its malformation, it was not possible to place a remote tracker on it to obtain more detailed data on its condition, its biology and its trajectory,” the foundation said.

Scoliosis is rarely seen in whales, according to Science Alert, and scientists do not often get the opportunity to observe the condition up close.

In 2019, researchers were able to study a minke whale with a curved spine found dead along the Netherlands coastline, finding a possible link between scoliosis in whales and humans.

Last year, a humpback whale with a broken back was tracked by drone cameras as it swam all the way from British Columbia, Canada to Hawaii — all without the use of her tail.

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