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Millions freak out over woman who appears frozen in time: ‘What the f–k?’

by Mahmmod Shar

By Brooke Kato

Is this the real-life Twilight Zone?

An unidentified woman appeared to be frozen in time on a busy street, a TikToker has claimed in a now-viral video posted this week.

“She was like that for a minute before,” reads the text on the freaky footage, which has racked up 4 million views in only four days.

Eerie footage captured the woman, dressed in white pants and a black long-sleeve, appearing to be “frozen” in place while walking down the sidewalk.

Her legs looked as if they were mid-stride while her arms hung awkwardly at her sides.

Even her long, blond ponytail appeared to be paused.

“Why she frozen?” asks the person recording as they zoom in on the figure. “Bruh, I’m trippin.’ “

Stunned viewers couldn’t believe their eyes, as skeptics flocked to the comments.

“I’m telling you RIGHT NOW, that mfr… that mfr back there is not real,” one person wrote.

“I actually think the matrix is real,” agreed another.

“Nah even the hair was frozen,” one person pointed out.

“She disconnected for a sec,” another quipped.

“We’re in a simulation,” someone else commented.

But this isn’t the first time a real-life glitch has baffled people.

Last October, eagle-eyed art lovers spotted an 1860 painting of a young woman who appears to be holding a smartphone, sending the internet into a tizzy.

Meanwhile, a head-scratching photo of bikini clad partiers went viral as social media users attempted to decode whose legs belong to whom.

Optical illusions such as this are often just intended as a lighthearted diversion from the stresses of modern life — but they also hold actual scientific value for medical professionals.

These brain teasers are credited with helping researchers shed light on the complex inner workings of the human mind and how it reacts to its surroundings.

Dr. Gustav Kuhn, a psychologist and human perception expert at Goldsmiths University in London, once declared that illusions are important to our overall understanding of the brain: “We typically take perception for granted, and rarely think about the hard work that underpins everyday tasks, such as seeing a cup of coffee in front of you.”

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