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Michigan art teacher’s shark snow sculptures grab Gov. Whitmer’s attention: ‘Fin-tastic’

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By Cortney Moore

Art teacher Jennifer Ramirez impresses Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer with the snowy shark sculptures she built in her front yard

(MAINNEWS) – An art teacher from Michigan is making a splash with the shark-shaped snow sculptures she built in her front yard.

Jennifer Ramirez of Madison Heights, a city in Oakland County, Michigan, sculpted and painted a pair of sharks sprouting out of the snowy ground in front of her home, and the display earned her a visit from Governor Gretchen Whitmer earlier this month.

“Currently counting down the days until @SharkWeek 2023,” Whitmer tweeted on Friday, Feb. 10. “These fin-tastic sculptures were created by a local art teacher to give students a boost of inspiration on their way to school. It’s great to see teachers going above a beyond to make their students smile.”

Ramirez told Fox News Digital that the shark sculptures are “no longer with us.”

“The sharks started melting about a week and a half ago,” Ramirez wrote in a Facebook message.

Ramirez first posted to Facebook that she wanted to build a snow sculpture on Wednesday, Jan. 25, after realizing a recent snowstorm left her yard with “good packing snow,” but she wasn’t sure about what she should create.

Dozens of Facebook commenters offered suggestions, including manatees, kangaroos and turtles.

“My friend suggested I create sharks out of snow,” Ramirez wrote to Fox News Digital. “In past years, I’ve done other snow sculptures: koala, fox, dragon, various Pokémon and Angry Birds.”

On Thursday, Jan. 26, Ramirez revealed that she decided to create snow sharks. She documented her snow sculpting progress through Jan. 28.

“The sharks are done!” Ramirez wrote in a Facebook post, which showed she built two sharks “jumping” out of the snow.

She also included a solo shark dorsal fin popping out of the snowy yard a short distance away from the jumping sharks, according to photos she shared on the social media website.

The top halves of the sharks were painted blue. Local news station FOX 8 WGHP reported that Ramirez used food dye to achieve the look.

Both of the sharks that are popping out of the ground have prominent black eyes, pointed snow teeth and pink mouths.

Ramirez’s Facebook post unveiling her finished shark sculptures on Jan. 28 has garnered more than 7,700 reactions.

Ramirez had also shared images of Whitmer’s visit.

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“Well, you know you’ve done something pretty groovy when the Governor shows up on your lawn to pose with your shark sculptures,” Ramirez wrote in a recent Facebook post. “Apparently Governor Whitmer is a huge shark fan! Who knew?!!”

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