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Man tells ‘screaming’ woman on plane to quiet down, earns praise on Reddit: ‘I would be applauding’

by Mahmmod Shar

Reddit user, even with earplugs during flight, could hear details about wedding, dogs, bills, more

By Christine Rousselle

Reddit users rallied around a man who said he was berated by a fellow airplane passenger after he spoke to the woman about how very loudly she was talking during their flight. 

The man asked others on the subreddit known as AITA (“Am I the a–hole”) whether he was wrong “for telling the lady two seats behind me on a plane [that] she was screaming the whole flight?”

User “Walfredo_wya” shared his story in a July 11 post.

“At the airport now. The lady two seats behind me on the flight talked extremely loud[ly] the entire flight. I had earplugs in and it was piercing my ears,” he wrote.

As the flight landed, “The lady across the aisle from me looked terrified and said they’re on her next flight,” the man said. 

So, he said, “I got up and walked back and said, ‘You guys are flying to Florida next, right? You may want to consider being a little more quiet on your next flight. I had earplugs in and could hear you screaming the entire time.’”

This did not go over well with the woman and her significant other, Walfredo_wya wrote in his message.

“I turn back around and her boyfriend calls me an a–hole. So I turned back and asked what he said. He told me I was an a–hole,” the user wrote.

The women then insisted that “we weren’t even talking loud,” Walfredo_wya wrote.

To counter her claim, the Reddit user said he cited details of their conversation.

“I show them the earplugs in my hand and said, ‘I had earplugs in my ears two seats ahead of you, and I heard all about Frank’s wedding, your nail appointment, feeding your dogs, your cellphone bill [and] the TV shows your mom watches,'” Walfredo_wya wrote.

inside an airplane
The Reddit user spoke up after another passenger expressed dismay that the loud-talking couple would be on her next flight as well. (iStock)

He then asked the AITA community to weigh in: Was he over the line in telling the woman to speak more quietly?

​On the AITA subreddit, people can reply to posts and indicate the poster is “NTA” (“Not the A–hole”), “YTA” (“You’re the A–hole”), “NAH” (“No A–holes Here”) or “ESH” (“Everyone Sucks Here”).

Users can “upvote” good replies and “downvote” those they do not find helpful.

Some people said they would have been too anxious to confront a loud person on an airplane.

Of the nearly 1,000 replies to the post, most people said the man was “NTA” for speaking up and telling the woman to quiet down for her next flight.

“NTA. Good that you told them,” wrote user “Able_Bet_1168” in the top-upvoted reply.

“If you could hear them from two seats back even [with] earplugs, they’re definitely talking way too loud. NTA,” wrote “ibe404error” in another top comment. 

Reddit app button shown on screen
Nearly 1,000 people on Reddit defended the user who told two other travelers on his flight to quiet down. (iStock)

Others were impressed with Walfredo_wya’s bravery, saying they would have been too anxious to confront a loud person on an airplane.

“My anxiety would never let me do this, but I would absolutely be applauding you 100% if I was on your flight,” wrote “Kelsnuggets.”

Many other users shared stories about how they’ve dealt with loud people in their own lives. 

“I downloaded a decibel monitor to check my brother’s voice. It was at the level of a ‘passing train,’” said user “Agreeable-Meal5836.”

Fox News Digital reached out to Walfredo_wya for comment.

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