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I’m devastated I didn’t get the tattoo I wanted: ‘Literally stuck with this’

by Ghassan

By Brooke Kato

(MAINNEWS) – A TikToker is in hysterics over her rather large back tattoo, claiming the artist didn’t give her what she wanted.

“When your tattoo is nothing like you asked for and it’s huge,” an unidentified user wrote on a clip of herself sobbing.

“The butterfly looks like it was out of a cartoon book, a coloring book,” she exclaims in a teary video that has drawn 1.3 million views since it was posted Thursday. “The flowers are so big.”

The unidentified TikToker shared her tattoo horror story online this week.
She wanted dainty flowers and a butterfly on her back, but didn’t appreciate the unnatural look of the tattoo.

“I’m literally stuck with this f–king thing for the rest of my life,” she wails between sobs. “It looks nothing like the picture. I don’t know what to do.”

Commenters slammed the TikToker for approving the sketchy stencil before having it inked onto her skin, while others had her back, sharing how “sorry” they felt for her.

“I don’t get how people get bad tattoos like they literally do a stencil and ask u if u like it? Not to mention I would literally tell them to stop,” one user snapped, to which the creator responded that the artist drawing looked “fine,” but the end result was “different.”

A clip of her sobbing over her fresh ink garnered more than a million views.
The TikToker’s tattoo doesn’t seem to be as bad as she made it seem. She even admitted she was being “dramatic.”

“Dont u okay the stencil before they actually tattoo,” another wondered.

“My humming bird looks like a mosquito. I feel you girl. It’s so bad,” empathized someone else.

“Happens to us all. Sometimes they don’t stick to the stencil,” declared another user.

“God this happened to me with a seahorse. I BROUGHT A PICTURE & she just did what she wanted anyway. Devastating,” proclaimed someone else.

In subsequent videos posted to TikTok, the original poster explained how she got herself into such a predicament.

In the clip, she claims she had been to this artist twice before. She said this time, she showed him a photo from Instagram of what she wanted: A tattoo of dainty flowers and a butterfly climbing up the right side of her back.

While he reportedly showed her a photo of the stencil — since she couldn’t see her own back — he said he needed to “make it my own,” deviating from the original design.

“I cried the whole way home, it was like a 40-minute drive,” she continued, showing a photo of the tattoo she received.

The ink actually looked pretty similar to the original photo, perhaps just with some darker line work.

“I was dramatic,” she admitted.

Users in the comments complimented the design, telling her that shading might make her feel differently. They called the ink so “pretty” and noted that they “love it.” In another video, she vowed to “get it fixed.”

“It’s just not what I wanted,” she said, while also admitting it’s her fault for not scrutinizing the artist’s sketch more. “It’s not as bad as what I thought, but when you have expectations for something, you’re going to be upset about it, and that’s why I was crying.”

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Unfortunate tattoos are sure to leave a mark. One Wednesday Addams fan shared a tattoo blunder on Twitter last month, prompting fellow users to compare it to Gollum from “Lord of the Rings.” One man, meanwhile, requested a permanent vagina on his face as the artist attempted to dissuade him.

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