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I went to a birthday dinner — and fought over splitting the $4.6K bill

by Mahmmod Shar

By Brooke Kato

For these pals, it’s go Dutch or go home.

A group of friends were filmed arguing at a birthday dinner over how to split the hefty bill, which appeared to total more than $4,600.

“We still talk, but [the] friendship isn’t the same,” Victor Christian, who posted the viral TikTok on Sunday, told The Post. “I hope that we can fix it very soon.”

It seems that the heated exchange, which has scored 14.6 million views, was spurred by the birthday girl’s alleged desire for the bill to be shared evenly among the party rather than pay as you go.

The guest of honor, who goes by Coco, supposedly requested that others cover the cost of her meal for her special day.

Christian arguing with friends at table
On Sunday, TikToker Victor Christian posted the now-viral video of the argument inside the restaurant.

“I’m only paying for what’s on the check, I’m not splitting the bill,” Christian, 28, said at the beginning of the 21-second clip.

Another man, who was not identified in the video, stands up from the table and gestures to the various meals — which included lamb chop, steak and other elaborate dishes — while arguing that the group should not split the bill evenly due to those costly items.

“We come together, we split the bill, period,” demanded one of the other women also seated at the table.

Christian, who is known for his humorous videos and sketches online and boasts more than 1.5 million followers across Instagram and TikTok, claims he had no prior knowledge of the group’s bill-intent.

“The night of the birthday dinner I was the first one to arrive. Everyone was late. I did not know anything about splitting the bill,” he told The Post on Tuesday.

TikTok video of friends arguing over dinner
The friend group debated how the $4,600 bill would be split.

While Coco reported she had “put it in the group chat” before the Saturday dinner, Christian insisted he was unaware of that appeal.

“Once it was time to pay, they mention something in reference to splitting bill and I said I am not willing to [do] it,” he continued. “The conversation became heated and that’s when I told my friend to pull out the camera and start recording because people will not believe what I was going through unless they saw it.”

Christian told The Post that he ordered a Sprite and calamari, which totaled less than $25.

Meanwhile, he said “the rest of the party was ordering a lot of things that were very expensive.”

“Because I only order $24.85 worth of food, why would I or should I have to pay more than what my meal cost?” he wondered. “I never agreed to splitting the bill and I stood my ground. I told them that I wasn’t going to split the bill.”

Woman in pink blazer at a dinner table
While some parties insisted on splitting the check evenly, Christian and his friend objected.

Birthday girl sitting at dinner table
The birthday girl argued that she shouldn’t have to pay for her food because it was her special day.

In a subsequent TikTok with more than 3 million views, the Atlanta-based TikToker showed more footage from the now-viral debacle.

Insider reported the incident unfolded at MCK Restaurant and Bar.

The Post reached out to the Atlanta eatery for comment.

“Like, it’s my f–king birthday,” the birthday girl explained in the TikTok. “Why the f–k should I have to pay for something on my birthday?”

In addition to a YouTube video — which promised further details but erupted in more yelling and arguing between the friends — Christian calmly explained on TikTok that he ended his evening by instructing the waiter not to split the check and paying only for his food.

Christian arguing with friends
Christian claimed the incident caused an irreparable rift in their friend group.

Hot towel being handed to a man at the table
Christian claimed the eatery was so fancy, it served hot towels with the meal.

On TikTok, some flabbergasted viewers sided with Christian, while others believed it was warranted for the guest of honor to ask others to cough up cash for her meal.

“You ate it, you pay for it,” one person wrote.

“I would not be arguing. I’d tell the server to send my check SEPARATELY,” argued another.

“They ordered stuff they wouldn’t normally order thinking others were going to pay for them. I pay for what I eat and maybe the meal of the birthday [person],” commented someone else.

“This should have been decided before ordering,” advised another.

Christian and friends sitting at table in youtube video
While the group attempted to explain both sides of the viral argument in a YouTube clip, the debate erupted in shouting.

“4600,” exclaimed someone else, “so if I ordered a chicken Caesar salad, I have to split the bill lol lol.”

“[If] 1-2 people orders $500 worth of food, and the others are reasonably priced orders, I’m not splitting that bill. some ppl like to take advantage,” chided another.

“The yelling in a fancy restaurant is killing me as an introvert!” quipped another. “Thank god I only have 3 friends.”

“Everyone splits birthday persons meal and then you pay for whatever you got,” said someone else.

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