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I snip my bottom lashes to ‘open’ my eyes: ‘Babe u need those’

by Mahmmod Shar

By Brooke Kato

She didn’t expect the backlash.

TikToker Carrie Madders swears snipping off her bottom lashes makes her eyes look “open” — but shocked social media users are lashing out in response.

“I cut them because they are very bothersome and also enjoy the look it gives me,” Madders told The Post on Thursday. “Beauty is definitely subjective, and I feel my best self like this.”

Madders said she shared her beauty secret to find a “community through TikTok” — and was stunned to receive such hateful comments.

“I can’t be the only one who hates their bottom lashes,” she wrote on a clip this week that showed herself clipping her wispy lashes.

Clipping off bottom lashes
TikTokers lashed out after viewing Madders’ viral clip about snipping her bottom lashes.

She explained in the caption of the divisive video, which attracted 9 million views in four days, that the lashes seem to “close” her eye and give an “unwanted shadow.”

In a subsequent clip, she duetted the original footage and wrote in the caption, “I cut them because 1. they get stuck to my top lashes and 2. I like the open eye look better.”

In a five-minute video posted Wednesday, Madders claimed she has been trimming her bottom lashes since high school.

She further told The Post she has “sensitive eyes,” and her bottom lashes would intertwine with her top lashes.

Madders insisted to The Post she has never “sustained injury, itchiness, infection,” nor “improper growth” due to the lash trims.

“I feel really good, and I feel my best self like that,” she said on TikTok, while also recommending others avoid the habit.

Her online videos sparked eye rolls, as TikTok commenters informed Madders that lashes protect the eye from unwanted debris. Others expressed surprise she hates her bottom lashes.

“Girl they’re there to protect your EYEBALLS,” exclaimed one person.

“This should be illegal,” another shocked user declared.

“You indeed are the only one who hates their bottom lashes,” commented someone else.

“Babe u need those to protect ur eyes,” agreed another.

“Just paint them with white mascara,” one person advised.

She swears she despises her bottom lashes and that without them, her eyes appear more “open.”
Tiktok / Carrie Madders

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, eyelashes serve a vital purpose to the eye.

The short hairs aren’t just for aesthetics; they are also “dust catchers” that protect the delicate organ from debris that “can obstruct vision or cause infection or injury.”

The organization cites research that found eyelashes not only filter the air for eyes, but also act as a lubrication aid by reducing “tear evaporation.”

As for Madders, she told The Post she’s interested in trying a new routine, such as makeup alternatives.

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