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I fell in love with my mugger after he robbed me in the street

by Mahmmod Shar

By Ben Cost

He stole her phone and then her heart.

A Brazilian woman brought new meaning to “crime of passion” after revealing that she fell in love with a mugger who robbed her — and now the two have become inseparable.

The duo detailed their alleged romantic saga in a Twitter video with over 232,000 views online.

“I was walking down the street where he lives and unfortunately, I was mugged,” the woman, identified as Emanuela, told reporters while recounting their “first date” at a media event in Brazil, Jam Press reported.

She recalled how the thief took her phone, but when he saw Emanuela’s number in there, he said “he had been the one who had robbed,” local media reported. Well, that’s one way to get someone’s phone number.

Meanwhile, the unidentified phone-jacker claimed that he had a sudden change of heart mid-robbery.

“I was going through a difficult situation because I didn’t have a woman, you know?” the robber said, recalling the unlikely “how we first met” story.” “When I saw her photo on the phone, I said to myself ‘What a beautiful brunette, you don’t see a brunette like that every day,’ and I regretted stealing it.’”

The reporter joked, “So you stole her phone and then her heart?”

Emanuela and her robber-cum-boyfriend speak to a reporter in Brazil.
Emanuela and the man who stole her heart.

The two have now reportedly been dating for two years, although it’s yet unclear how her parents feel about having an outlaw for an in-law.

Needless to say, the Twitter commentariat was in hysterics over the duo’s story of love at first “swipe.”

“It’s only in Brazil….kkkkkkkkkkk,” exclaimed Brazilian journalist Milton Neves on Twitter while detailing their bad romance.

“Love can accomplish anything,” quipped one commenter.

Another joked that the “bandit fetish is more common than we can imagine.”

“Brazil is not for amateurs,” joked a third.

Falling head over steals with criminals is more common than people might like to believe, with many women famously getting smitten by men who’ve been jailed for heinous crimes like incarcerated serial killers Richard Ramirez and John Wayne Gacy.

Emanuela and her boyfriend.
It went from “To Catch a Thief” to this thief’s a catch.

In a high profile case several years back, Bloomberg reporter Christie Smythe revealed she had quit her job and divorced her husband after falling in love with reviled Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli, arrested for securities fraud in 2015.

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