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Florida woman who raged about finding ‘fetus’ in hotel room learns what was really in fluid-filled bag

by Mahmmod Shar

By Selim Algar

A Florida woman went viral on Facebook after raging about finding a “fetus” in her hotel room — but later learned the fluid-filled sack actually contained wine and vomit left by a prior guest.

Ash White wrote on social media that she booked a room at the Tallahassee Hilton Garden Inn late last month and quickly realized that the room was a mess and hadn’t been visited by housekeeping services.

White was initially disgusted at an unmade bed and bags of trash.

But her anger spiraled when she opened up a closet and spotted a plastic bag filled with an ominously reddish liquid.

Startled by the find, White contacted hotel staff to inspect the bag.

A housekeeper nonchalantly told the stunned guest that it was likely an aborted fetus.

Hilton stafer carrying bag.
A worker casually identified the bag’s contents as a fetus.

“We’re contracted with Planned Parenthood,” the staffer said, according to White.

“This looks like an aborted fetus. We’re just going to take it.”

Her footage shows a worker carrying the bag out of the room and down the hall.

Bag in hotel room.
White was shaken by what she thought was a fetus.

Police were eventually called to the scene to investigate.

Appalled by her experience, White went to the front desk and demanded a full refund.

“That wasn’t just something you just put on somebody like that and expect them to just go on about their day,” White said.

HIlton Garden Inn in Tallahassee.
Hilton denied White’s version of events in a statement.

“This was the worst day ever. So I was like, I want my money back.”

She eventually settled for 30,000 reward points to settle the matter.

But a Hilton spokesperson later told the Florida Standard that forensic tests revealed a less morbid but exceedingly disgusting substance in the bag — red wine and vomit.

Hilton staffer.
White demanded a refund.

“In response to the serious allegation, our staff immediately contacted law enforcement and a thorough investigation was conducted. A forensic analysis concluded that the allegation was false,” Jason Curtis told the outlet in an email.

“We take all guest concerns very seriously and we strive to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for all our guests.”

White’s initial post spawned a viral torrent of social media commentary, with one pro-life group noting her narrative in an anti-abortion post.

Police later confirmed the staffer’s findings to the outlet, and the matter was closed.

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