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Advice columnist mocks liberal bride who forbade conservative uncle from wedding, still wants $1000 cash gift

by Mahmmod Shar

The advice columnist declared that expecting a lavish gift from an excluded guest is worthy of the ‘Bridezilla Hall of Infamy’

By Alexander Hall

A mother sent a letter to the popular Ask Amy advice column seeing if she should press her conservative brother for cash after he was forbidden from his liberal niece’s wedding. Twitter mocked the request with one user responding, “Yup. That’s a progressive gen z for you. By the way, they want you to pay off their loans too.” 

“Four months before my daughter’s wedding, she told me that her uncle (my brother, “Dave”) would make her feel unsafe if he was a guest. She asked me not to invite him,” a mother wrote to the advice columnist. “My daughter is very politically progressive, as are many of her friends, and although she and Dave have always had a good relationship (I thought), he is a conservative voter and has supported candidates we all abhor.”

The mother went on to write that Dave has “always been very nice, so my daughter’s request surprised me” and then explained that she “wrote Dave a very nice note, telling him that we would not be comfortable with him at the wedding and that he would not be invited.”

She went on to say that “Dave did not respond and did not attend.”

The mother then recalled that she went her brother photos from the wedding, but has not heard from him, and that her other siblings were angry with her for excluding him in the first place.

She then claimed the other issue at hand is that “Dave has not sent my daughter and son-in-law a wedding gift. In the past, Dave has given family members wedding checks in excess of $1,000. She says she was counting on receiving the same type of gift.”

The mother said that while her husband has told her to drop the issue, she does not feel inclined to do so, as “Dave’s behavior is upsetting and embarrassing to me.”

After noting how the mother had “[rubbed] the excluded guest’s nose in this wedding by sending him photos of the event to which he has pointedly not been invited,” Advice columnist Amy Dickinson noted that while a bride is within her rights to decide who attended, the conduct afterward is shockingly improper.

The columnist recounted, “Let’s recap: Your delicate daughter is too frightened to be near a conservative voter to allow her uncle ‘Dave’ to attend her wedding. She then asks you to do her dirty work for her, and (of course) you do!” 

Weddings are contentious events for some, as they bring together family members from across the country and from a variety of different political viewpoints. (iStock)

“It’s your second ‘problem; which I believe will enter the Bridezilla Hall of Infamy. In short: Brides who are too afraid of family members to invite them to a family wedding don’t then get the pleasure of receiving their money,” Dickinson wrote. “You seem almost as afraid of your daughter as she is of your brother, but I hope you’ll find a way to courageously tell her that the Bank of Uncle Dave is closed, at least to your branch of the family.”

She went on to note that if anything, the uncle the mother derided for “supporting candidates we all abhor” was the most mature adult in this situation.

“So far, your silent brother is the only family member who is behaving appropriately. He’s steering clear, which is exactly what you have asked him to do,” Dickinson wrote.

On Twitter, user Jayhawkjenn responded to the situation this way: “This sums up the entitled Leftists perfectly…”

Twitter user Tweettee opined, “Yup. That’s a progressive gen z for you. By the way, they want you to pay off their loans too.” 

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