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What is ‘boy dinner’? The brother to TikTok’s viral ‘girl dinner’

by Mahmmod Shar

By Brooke Steinberg

If you’re active on social media at all, you’ve definitely heard of “girl dinner” — but there’s a “boy dinner,” too.

The hashtag #girldinner has accumulated a whopping 1.7 billion views on TikTok. Maybe you put a plate together of some leftover slices of deli meat, fruits and cheese and crackers rather than making a full-out meal. It takes just a few minutes, and you use practically no energy: That is a girl dinner.

With girl dinner going so viral, it was only a matter of time before boy dinner made its way onto the platform.

Boy dinner is meant to show a stereotypical dinner that a man would eat which is satirically masculine — meaning it’s simple and barbaric.

TikToker @bryaninheelee coined the term in July, explaining in a video — which has 2.3 million views and 301,800 likes — that if you want to know what boy dinner is, “go to your local supermarket at 6:30 and stand behind a single man and see what’s inside of his basket.”

He lists examples such as frozen pizza, deli meats, potato chips and no vegetables — “boy dinner, or last meal on Earth?” he quipped.

Now, people are sharing the versions of boy dinners that are made in their homes.

One woman took to TikTok to rate her boyfriend’s meals that he eats when she’s away in a video that has 31,900 views as of Monday morning — and the meals are not nearly as appetizing as a girl dinner.

“My boyfriend eats really weird things [and] I thought we could rate some of the stuff he ate whilst I was on holiday,” TikToker Lucy Kalice said in the video.

First, she showed a pasta with tomatoes and fish fingers, which she rated a 4 out of 10, saying it wouldn’t be weird if the fish sticks weren’t involved, and “it’s definitely edible, but it wouldn’t be my choice.”

The next “meal” was hot dogs with ketchup — a combo that Kalice said she “definitely” had as a snack as a child.

“My mom’s dog actually has this as a snack. The plate looks so funny,” she said, rating it a 5 out of 10. “It’s not the worst.”

Her boyfriend had yet another dish of fish sticks and pasta, but this time, he held the tomato sauce.


Sorry not sorry that toby carvery is a 0 🤮 the more i look at the frankfurters the more they make me laugh hahahaha #boyfriend #boyfriendpov #couplecomedy #boyfood #boydinner #girlfriendboyfriend #coupletok

♬ original sound – LucyKalice

“This time, though, it kind of looks like a carbonara sauce. It looks like there’s bacon in it. A little bit of surf and turf. I’ve gotta give this one a 3 out of 10,” Kalice said.

Takeout from a British chain restaurant called Toby Carvery was rated a zero out of 10 since she just “cannot get on board with it.”

And she “saved the best for last” — a sandwich filled with instant ramen noodles, which she also gave a rating of zero.

User @arkaneskye shared his own version of boy dinner in a video that has 10 million views, showing an extremely messy room. Skye lifts his comforter to reveal an open, half-eaten box of pizza with an open sauce in the box.

“Same and opposite energy as girl dinner,” one person commented.

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