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I get free Starbucks coffee every time with this easy hack

by Mahmmod Shar

By Asia Grace

Here’s a hot tip on getting cold sips — completely free of charge.

Starbucks lovers will soon be rejoicing in the streets with an on-the-house cold brew in their hands thanks to a trending trick that allows folks to score a free cold brew each time they patronize the famed café. 

“This is my favorite ‘save-yourself-money’ Starbucks hack,” raved social media hack-diehard Jen Manly to her nearly 100,000 TikTok followers. “It’s the best because…I get a free coffee every time I go to Starbucks.”

Manly, a married new mom and high school computer science teacher, went on to reveal that the path to no-charge chugs is through the coffeehouse’s membership app program. 

“Starbucks has a free refill policy,” said the blond while gripping her costless cup. 

“Anytime you’re working [inside of a] Starbucks you get unlimited refills on brewed coffee and tea,” she continued. “The thing that I love most about it is that it includes cold brew.”


Okay listen. I know a lot of people probably know this already, BUT every time I get a coffee I’m like…. I need to tell TikTok in case people don’t know. So if you didn’t know, now you know. #coffeetok #starbuckshack #teachertok

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The pennywise wheeler and dealer explained that users of her hack are welcome to enjoy any type of drink for their initial order — which they’d have to pay for in full. But when the time comes to get that free refill, the customer must choose one of the brand’s brewed beverages, which they can order in any size and with added sweeteners. 

“My favorite way to do this is to wait until I’m about to leave Starbucks so that I have my coffee for the rest of the day,” said Manly. “I kinda treat it as a little treat to myself for being productive.”

“Plus,” she added, “since my order is already cold brew it’s essentially a [Buy-One-Get-One free].”

Starbucks, Union Square @ 15th St.
Manly says she loves to use the hack whenever she’s getting work done inside of the café.
Valencia Villanueva poses for a photo with a reusable cup at an Arizona State University Starbucks shop Wednesday, June 7, 2023, in Tempe, Ariz.
Manly claims Starbucks’ refill deal permits folks to score a free brew of their choice.

And her coffee caffeine fiends went wild over the piping hot pointer.   

“Omg I’m doing this!!!,” cheered a commentator. 

“My husband does it with his tea every time we go to Target,” laughed another freebie enthusiast.

However, not everyone was willing to give Manly’s gratis hack a go. 

Starbucks drink waits for a customer to pick it up as barista Josh Barrow prepares another at left  in Seattle.
Online, Manly’s followers flooded her comments with their personal experiences with her hack.

“They would not let me get my free one because my first one wasn’t one of the choices,” said a crestfallen coffee lover who came up short when attempting the gimme. 

A separate woman confessed that she’s way too shy to demand anything for free. “Like I fully get it,” she wrote beneath Manly’s how-to clip, “but why am I so terrified to ask for the refill.”

But the school teacher’s hack isn’t the only way to snag sweet Starbucks deals without spending a cent. 

Starbucks on Broadway and 81st Street.
Starbucks lovers on social media have virally shared their tips and tricks on how to get discounted deals at the coffee shop.

In June, a woman named Taylor Watson amassed a staggering 2 million TikTok views on a video in which shared the “genius” way in which she doubles her iced coffee intake with a free side of extra ice. A Starbucks barista, too, reached digital superstardom when she virally advised online audiences on how to save money by ordering drinks with specific specifications. 

“First one,” began the server in her since-deleted post, “The size small and the size medium has the same amount of coffee in them, it’s just the difference in the milk, so if you want the same amount of coffee, just get the small.”

She added, “Second one: If you don’t want to pay for [flavored] syrup, just hang around at the end of the bar and be like, ‘Oh sorry, I meant to ask for syrup’ or ‘Can I make it sweeter?.’”

“The barista will just give you syrups,” said the coffee pro. “They don’t care, they won’t charge you.”

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