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Eat Sprouts For Weight Loss: Here Are The Top Benefits And Easy Recipes

by Mahmmod Shar

Sprouts can greatly help those on a weight-loss diet. We discuss exactly why and how you should consider consuming them.

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If you are on a weight loss diet, you must realize that legumes can greatly benefit you. Rich in fibre, protein, and nutrients, they can work wonders for weight management and overall health. Many types of legumes are commonly found in Indian kitchens, so you don’t have to worry much about availability either. There is a way to take advantage of their benefits in a different manner: by sprouting them. Bean sprouts can help you lose weight when consumed in the right manner. They can be bought ready-made or formed at home and then turned into yummy and healthy dishes. We have provided some recipes below to get you started.

Why Are Sprouts Good For Weight Loss?

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Sprouted beans tend to be richer in nutrients than unsprouted ones. 
  • Sprouts provide fibre that keeps you full for longer. This satiety is especially necessary for those on a weight-loss diet.
  • The protein content of sprouts also helps curb appetite. Furthermore, the process of sprouting is said to enhance the protein content of beans.
  • Sprouts are said to promote gut health and also help manage blood sugar levels. These can indirectly help those on a weight loss diet.
  • When legumes are soaked, their tannin and phytic acid content is said to decrease. This enables better nutrient absorption.

Sprouts are also known to boost immunity and manage cholesterol levels. They are a wholesome source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Here’s how you can include them in your diet in a healthy manner:

6 Easy Ways To Consume Sprouts For Weight Loss:

1. Make Them The Protein In Your Salads

Add sprouts to your salad to take them to the next level. Photo Credit: iStock

Most of us add some key sources of protein to our salads: paneer, tofu, chicken, egg, etc. You should also consider adding bean sprouts. They will give a hint of freshness and a unique texture to your salad. They would also absorb the flavour of the dressing well. Check out this weight-loss-friendly desi salad recipe that includes sprouts.

2. Use Sprouts For Preparing Idli/dosa Batter

Fibre-rich idlis and dosas are beloved South Indian delicacies that are also healthy. You can make them even more nutritious by incorporating sprouts into the batter. It can be combined with some amount of rice flour, sooji, and/or chana dal.

3. Add Them To Your Cheelas

Protein-rich cheelas are a wholesome breakfast dish. Take them to the next level by mixing in sprouts. You can grind them with the other batter ingredients or simply mix them in. You can use rava, besan, or millets for the cheela base.

4. Give Your Poha A Sprouts Twist

This is yet another way to add sprouts to your breakfast. Poha is packed with healthy carbs and gives you a sustained energy boost in the morning. Adding some mixed sprouts to it will only increase its benefits and enhance the taste. Try it for yourself and see.

5. Use Them For Making Curries

Sprouts can be used for making yummy curries. Photo Credit: iStock

Relish sprouts for lunch or dinner in the form of flavorful curries. For instance, here’s a recipe for an onion-tomato-based sprouts curry you will love. You can also make traditional Maharashtrian usal with mixed sprouts. It can be a dry preparation or a curry-like one.

6. Add Them To Your Pulao

Yes, you read that right. Sprouts can also be a part of rice dishes. You can mix them with your veg pulao or make another kind altogether. We have a special recipe that combines the goodness of sprouts and spinach in a pulao. Read it here.

Sprouts are a simple and convenient way to bring some variety to your weight loss diet. Start savouring them soon!

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