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13 Must-Visit Restaurants In California For A Soul-Satisfying Culinary Journey

by Mahmmod Shar

From mouthwatering fried chicken to divine pies and groundbreaking vegan creations, these dining destinations promise to transport your taste buds to new heights.


California’s culinary landscape is a vibrant tapestry of global flavours that has captivated food lovers far and wide. We delve into the soulful essence of California’s dining scene, where the spotlight shines on the comforting embrace of Southern cuisine. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary gastronomic adventure as we present to you 13 restaurants that will transport your taste buds to new heights. From mouthwatering fried chicken to divine pies and groundbreaking vegan creations, these dining destinations promise to awaken your senses and reveal the very heart and soul of California’s finest culinary establishments.

Here Are 13 Must-Visit Restaurants in California for a Soul-Satisfying Culinary Journey:

1. The Bantam Kitchen & Cooler (Redding):

At The Bantam, Southern comfort food gets a contemporary twist. With dishes like catfish po’boy, pimiento cheeseburger, and pork chops and waffles, this Redding gem offers mouthwatering Southern cuisine best enjoyed with a cold brew.


2. Thelma’s Good Eats (Sacramento):

Squeeze your soul at Thelma’s Good Eats, a family-run eatery that serves classic Southern fare. From fried chicken and mac and cheese to greens, these Grandma’s recipes will transport you straight to the South.

3. Town Fare Cafe (Oakland):

Chef Michele McQueen at Town Fare Cafe blends Southern soul food with the food history of Oakland’s diverse cultures. With favourites like sweet potato waffles and Southern fried chicken, this spot attracts A-listers and has caught the attention of Food Network shows.


4. Lois the Pie Queen (Oakland):

For over 50 years, Lois the Pie Queen has been tantalizing taste buds with fresh pies. This iconic pie shop, now run by Lois’ son, offers a full menu of Southern staples and, of course, their famous pies.


5. Saucy Mama’s Jook Joint (Sonoma County):

Experience the flavours of Bourbon Street at Saucy Mama’s Jook Joint. Chef-owner Yvette Bidegain’s menu features buttermilk fried chicken, BBQ ribs, and collard greens, drawing inspiration from her parents’ Mississippi recipes.

6. Doll’s Kitchen (Fresno):

Chef Gloria Hall’s Doll’s Kitchen has been serving up soul food for over 30 years. With traditional Southern eats and a famous BBQ sauce available to take home, this Fresno spot is a must-visit.


7. Soul Bites (Santa Barbara):

Shaking up the soul food scene, Soul Bites in Santa Barbara offers many vegan options alongside classic dishes. From vegan crab cakes to hot cracklin’ mac and cheese, diners can pair their meals with local beer, wine, and other immunity drinks while enjoying live music and comedy.


8. Brown’s BBQ and Soul Food (Palm Springs):

Discover a hidden gem at Brown’s BBQ and Soul Food in Palm Springs. This small mom-and-pop shop serves up classic Southern BBQ meats and sides. With limited seating, make sure to arrive early.

9. Queens of Cobbler (San Jacinto):

Continuing the legacy of her parents’ success, Jordan Davis opened Queens of Cobbler in San Jacinto. Their peach, mixed berry, blackberry, and apple caramel cobblers have garnered a loyal following.


10. Gourmet Cobbler Factory (Pasadena):

Clifton Powell, with 30 years of experience at Disney, brings happiness to taste buds with The Gourmet Cobbler. Alongside their famous dessert, this Pasadena establishment now offers Southern staple main dishes.

11. Georgia’s Restaurant (Anaheim):

At Georgia’s, owner Gretchen Shoemaker cooks up Southern classics inspired by her Grandma. Indulge in dishes like Louisiana tilapia and shrimp, jambalaya St. Louis BBQ ribs, and their signature chicken and waffles.


12. StreetCar Merchants (San Diego):

StreetCar Merchants takes soul food flavours to different neighbourhoods in San Diego. From fried chicken and Nashville hot chicken and waffles at North Park to hearty Southern dishes at SuckerFree in the Gaslamp Quarter, and soul rolls, tacos, and loaded tots at Shotcaller in the Southeast, this trio offers a soulful culinary journey.

13. Chef Budda Blasian Soul Food Truck:

Prepare for a unique fusion experience at Chef Budda Blasian Soul Food Truck. Pairing classic soul food dishes with Asian staples like chicken egg rolls, this truck brings its flavorful creations to various locations across the city. Check their website for the weekly schedule.

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