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‘Jeopardy!’ outrage reaches fever pitch as fans lose their minds over one contestant’s behavior

by Mahmmod Shar

‘Jeopardy!’ champion David won two games this week before losing his third

By Emily Trainham

“Jeopardy!” fans clearly love the game show, but they also love to take issue with it.

A perfect example of this phenomenon happened this week when a contestant named David inspired a number of heated remarks on social media, just because he had a habit of tilting his head and opening his palm while answering questions.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, David played admirably, going into last night’s Final Jeopardy with a not-insignificant lead but risked too much with his bet, causing him to lose to a new player.

A photo on the "Jeopardy!" set of a contestant named David.
“Jeopardy!” contestant David quickly caught viewers’ attention when he continuously made this gesture. (Jeopardy!/YouTube)

While viewers could discuss his loss, it seems many would prefer to talk about what David does with his hands.

Fans noticed that each time David offered a response, sometimes multiple times during one answer, he’d slightly tilt his head to the left while at the same time raising his left hand and opening it. He maintained the same form every time he did this.

Still, for such an unproblematic action, viewers really took issue with it.

A photo of "Jeopardy!" contestants appearing during the show together
“Jeopardy!” contestant David appears with fellow contestants making the same gesture on a different episode. (Jeopardy!/YouTube)

One person referred to David’s profession as a lawyer, writing, “Ahhhh #Jeopardy David and that head cock and showing the palm after every damn answer! If I was a judge and he as an attorney did that, I’d hold him in contempt!”

“Why does David keep doing that annoying thing with his hands every time he gets an answer right?” another asked.

There was a fan who tweeted, “If David tilts his head and fist pumps one more time I’m going to scream.”

Various viewers wrote that the move was “driving me f—ing nuts” and “literally torture.”

"Jeopardy!" contestant appears on show
“Jeopardy!” contestant David made the same gesture during each day he appeared on the show. (Jeopardy!/YouTube)

Others were kinder in their responses. One person said, “Look I’m sure David’s a great guy. But that head nod and hand move has gotta stop.”

There was a Twitter user who even claimed to know the contestant personally, who wrote, “I see people tweeting horrible things about David Bederman on #jeopardy and his physical gestures. yes, I noticed it, but it’s nothing to attack him for. I’ve been reading numerous articles on how people are ‘about to go insane’ because of it. We’re related. He was prob nervous.”

Ken Jennings hosting Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings, who is no stranger to criticism himself, hosted David’s episodes. (Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images)

David’s gesture is just the latest thing that has “Jeopardy!” fans up in arms. 

This month alone, viewers have been upset time and time again that the contestants aren’t buzzing in enough to answer questions, that they’re giving wrong answers too frequently when they do buzz in and that the questions themselves are either too easy or too difficult.

The hosts aren’t free from criticism either – Ken Jennings was recently slammed for “tricking” a contestant into giving a wrong answer.

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