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Jay-Z turns into an Instagram dad for Blue Ivy at the Super Bowl

by Ghassan

By Francesca Bacardi

(MAINNEWS) – He’s got 99 problems, but photography isn’t one.

Jay-Z turned into the ultimate Instagram dad Sunday night when he was caught photographing his daughter Blue Ivy on the sidelines of the football field before the Super Bowl began.

Jay-Z played Instagram dad for his daughter Blue Ivy at the Super Bowl Sunday night.FOX SPORTS

The “Big Pimpin’” rapper, 53, could be seen squatting to capture his 11-year-old daughter’s best angles while she attempted to direct him. After he finishes his work, the pre-teen made her way over to her dad to sign off on the photos.

“Was it live?” she can be heard asking. “Was it live?”

The father-daughter duo then walk away from the sideline at State Farm Stadium with content in hand; however, fans were quick to point out he may not have done his job successfully.

“Lmaooooo she was so disappointed in his work he had to look for a professional to take it 😭😭😭😭😭,” responded one Twitter user.

“🤣🤣 She’s not impressed. With all that lighting & this man gets it wrong,” wrote another.

Beyoncé and Hova’s daughter directed her dad through the process.

“Mind you he’s Beys cameraman. She said it’s a CHOP,” joked another.

While Hova decked himself out in Roc Nation paraphernalia, his daughter kept it cool in an oversized Tupac T-shirt and zip-up sweatshirt. She paired her casual look with a pair of red-and-white Nikes.

She seemed unimpressed with his work
She seemed unimpressed with his work.

Blue Ivy has been making more and more public appearances as of late, with each one making fans realize just how much she looks like her father and her mom, Beyoncé, while living the perks of their celebrity.

In June, she had been sitting courtside at the NBA Finals, watching the Golden State Warriors face off against the Boston Celtics, when Jay-Z was caught on camera hugging his daughter.

She seemingly asked him to stop while saying, “Not my hair.” The “Empire State of Mind” rapper responded by giving her a kiss on the cheek.

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