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Ashton Kutcher accidentally sees BFF Reese Witherspoon having s-ex in Your Place or Mine trailer

by Mahmmod Shar

Inject this friends-to-lovers vibe straight into our veins.

By Maureen Lee Lenker

Ah, modern technology, allowing us to connect with our long-distance friends and monitor our homes from afar. But sometimes, it shows us a little too much.

On Thursday, Netflix dropped the first trailer for Your Place or Mine, their new rom-com starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon that hits the platform on Feb. 10.

Kutcher and Witherspoon star as longtime besties, Peter and Debbie, who swap homes and lives for a week, only to realize that they might need something entirely different than what they thought they wanted. Debbie is a single mom and accountant who thrives on routine living in Los Angeles, while Peter is a marketing executive and aspiring writer who adores the commotion of New York City.

Your Place or Mine
Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher in ‘Your Place or Mine’| CREDIT: NETFLIX

The first trailer for the film, written and directed by Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada, 27 Dresses), features Debbie and Peter in their respective homes, deciding to make the temporary swap. But the switch upends their lives in ways they never anticipated, including the introduction of new friends and the uncovering of Peter’s long-secret feelings for Debbie.

There are also plenty of rom-com hijinks. While Debbie is living it up in Peter’s New York City apartment, she connects with Theo (Jesse Williams), and things get hot and heavy — only for Peter to witness them via his in-home camera system and throw his phone aside in horror.

Calling the movie “a love letter to single moms everywhere,” Witherspoon previously said, “Even if your life didn’t perfectly work out the way you envisioned, there’s hope, and there’s joy, and love can still be found.”

Zoë Chao, Wesley Kimmel, Griffin Matthews, Rachel Bloom, Shiri Appleby, Vella Lovell, Tig Notaro, and Steve Zahn also star. Witherspoon also produced the rom-com with Hello Sunshine partner Lauren Neustadter, along with McKenna, Jason Bateman, and Michael Costigan.

Watch the trailer above for more.

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