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Capital city most luxury-obsessed area in US, study says

by Ghassan

Jewelry experts analyzed Google Trends data, showing vacation, jewelry and hotels terms tacked on after ‘luxury’

(MAINNEWS) – The United States capital city tops the list of the most luxury-obsessed areas in the country, according to a study provided to Business.

Customized jewelry experts Glamira analyzed Google Trends data to discover the level of interest in each area for multiple search terms including “luxury vacation”, “luxury jewelry” and “luxury hotels.” 

Study claims Washington, D.C. is the most luxury-obsessed area in the U.S. (iStock)

The new research identified what the company says is the top 10 most luxury-obsessed areas in the U.S., with Washington, D.C. earning the top spot with an average luxury score of 78.71.

Not only did it take the top spot overall, but it earned a score of 100 for several search terms, including luxury apartments, hotels, brands and vacations.

“It’s no doubt that Americans desire a taste of a lavish lifestyle, but one thing for certain is that the East coast has a particularly keen interest in luxury with nine of the areas in the ranking belonging to this region,” a Glamira spokesperson said in a press release.  

Rounding out the top three spots were New York with a score of 75.56, and Florida, with a luxury-obsessed score of 60.89.

New York City came in spot number two for luxury-obsessed area in the U.S., according to a study by Glamira. This file photo shows New York City on Nov. 20, 2021, from Jersey City, New Jersey. (Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images / Getty Images)

New York City is no stranger to luxury with its abundance of extravagant hotels, including the Plaza and the Ritz, Michelin-starred restaurants and high-fashion stores often showcased in classic movies.

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Citizens of the Sunshine State appear to be on the hunt for luxury property more than any other state, as well as scoring particularly high for luxury cars.

By Pilar Arias

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